North of Normal

You Should Read This Book If: you’re wondering what its like to live in the wilderness. Non-Fiction. Breaking conventual norms is something everyone thinks about. Even if it’s just once. Living in a modern world where everything revolves around technology, the idea of being far out and removed seems exceptionally enticing. The memoir of Cea Sunrise … More North of Normal

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

You Should Read This Book If: owning your own business is on your mind. Non-Fiction.  Hands down, this book was well worth the 400-page commitment. I didn’t think it was possible to remain in suspense for that long, and neither will you. Phil Knight, and his insanely talented editor, Shannon Welch, have detailed the creation … More Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike


FreeSurf Magazine Writers, Editors, Photographers and Myself (in the middle). Here’s What Surfing Can Teach You About Life By: Iva Poshnjari Hawai’i is exactly what you think it’s like, but ten times better. If you ever happen to find yourself in O’ahu, consider the next few days of your life the luckiest. The ocean is … More Hawaii

The Bluest Eye

You Should Read This Book If: you want to another persons perspective. Fiction. Tony Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, is incredibly moving. This book’s content has caused numerous controversial conversation and several people had pushed to ban it in the 70’s. All the more reason to give it a read. It is a very introspective story about … More The Bluest Eye